Deutsch Konversation©


Do you want to speak German without blockade and struggling with the grammar and finding words? Are you tired of being corrected all the time and of the million task sheets per lesson? Are you desperate because the German language is so “complicated”?

Then, this is a right place for you. We’re passionate about teaching German and we use our communicative method which focuses on following aspects:

  • strengthen the dialogue between the teacher and the student
  • learn how to participate in a discussion, how to argue and how to defend your position
  • keep the teacher’s talk as little as possible and the student’s talk as much as possible
  • correcting without breaking the communication flow
  • using everyday, authentic language

Course Content

  • communication itself (talking, discussing, arguing etc.)
  • travelling in Europe and around the world
  • movies, books, music, artists
  • German idioms used in the everyday language
  • Intercultural communication, differences between Germany and Poland
  • reading a book together

Technical details

Duration: 14 weeks, 90 minutes/week (28 units)

B2: Wednesday 17:15-18:45 (start: 12.10.2022) and Thursday 19:00-20:30 (start: 06.10.2022)

C1: Thursday 17:15-18:45 (start: 06.10.2022)

Price: 4 participants: 135 EUR, 5-6 participants: 125 EUR.

Contact us here: [email protected] or directly here on our website: Contact us!