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Do you need a language training?

Do you work with German clients or for a German company? You have to write emails, make phone calls, and provide customer service? Numerous German companies are located in Kraków and this trend appears to continue in 2021! Not only employees but team leaders and managers have problems with call conferences, with the specific vocabulary, with writing emails or answering phone calls appropriately and they also often encounter difficulties with the different culture.

I offer your company 3 different pieces of training. These trainings can be combined with each other. Check for more details:


“Attila prowadzi zajęcia z języka niemieckiego dla pracowników Lufthansa Group Business Services od 2017 roku. Attila realizuje kursy grupowe na poziomach C1. Wszystkie kursy prowadzone są z należytą starannością, zgodnie z przyjętym harmonogramem. Programy szkoleń oraz poziom prowadzonych zajęć zawsze jest dostosowywany do potrzeb i umiejętności uczestników. Do szkoleń wprowadza wiele ćwiczeń, które pozwalają usystematyzować zdobytą wiedzę.  

Attila posiada bardzo duże doświadczenie dydaktyczne i metodyczne. Uczestnicy kursów doceniali ciekawy sposób przekazywania wiedzy, zaangażowanie a także świetne przygotowanie do każdej lekcji. Podkreślali jej profesjonalizm, interesujący sposób prowadzenia zajęć i doboru tematów, a także łatwość nawiązywania kontaktu i dbanie o miłą atmosferę. Elastyczność, staranność oraz otwartość wobec klienta, stanowią niewątpliwie wizytówkę firmy.”

Paulina Kępka

HR Training Specialist, Lufthansa Global Business Services

“We’ve been working with Attila for years and he delivers great business language training courses for our employees. He is not only always well prepared but can create a nice and enjoyable atmosphere. Our employees are very happy to join his seminars.”

Leszek Kociolek

Service Delivery Manager, Capgemini

„The meeting was great, everything was nicely explained by some nice examples and additional information on how to write a good email.”

„The training was informative. The advices from Attila were clear and understandable, so we could use them right after the training. It was also a good idea to work on some examples from E-Mails written correctly and wrongly. It was nice to discuss examples which were real. The best advice was that our E-Mails should be short and informative.”

„Attila is great. I really liked his approach and the way he gave out the information and tips. The time was spend in a friendly atmosphere, packed with professionalism. I’m looking forward to our next session.”

“Great and calm atmosphere. Professional and clear attitude of Attila towards us. Very well prepared materials for us.”

“First of all thank you for this opportunity to take part in the session with Attila, because it was a pleasure! I enjoyed it, learned a lot, gained more experience and confidence in writing emails. I wish more of this kind of sessions would take place as I am always willing to learn and develop in certain areas. The way Attila teaches is relaxed and funny but on the same way very professional.”

Cathay Pacific Customer Service - German Team

Cathay Pacific

“Mr. Attila Rettig delivered a series of training sessions of professional German writing, for the group of our German speaking Customer Contact Specialists. 

The training was not only very professional, but also customized to our very special needs, took into account all the requirements and produced an outcome which exceeded our expectations.

The feedback from the group was more than enthusiastic – they loved it! It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Rettig to any company which is looking for a professional, effective and engaging training.”

Magdalena Weiner

Cracow Hub Manager, Cathay Pacific

„Attila has always used his professionalism and deep experience during trainings provided to Capgemini staff. No matter, whether he teaches “simple” German or a business language, people are delighted to work with him. His sense of humour and an ability to work with a team make his lessons very inspirational and fun. People love to work with Attila, which may have only one downside: he is so popular that it is sometimes hard to find a place in his busy calendar for another group or individual.”

Wojciech Cichoń

Center Director | Head Of European BSv Delivery Centers, Capgemini

Language training for the team

If you are a part of a team working with German clients, you have for sure regularly call conferences or client visits and email correspondence on a daily basis. You probably have to deliver presentations from time to time too. Honestly: it’s not always easy, for many reasons. Language, cultural differences, anxiety, stress: many factors can give you a hard time. You will learn how to overcome difficulties, how to get more secure in the language (and in yourself) and how to handle the cultural differences. You will also learn how to make great presentations for your German clients.

Telephone training

You will learn in this course how to handle phone calls with confidence. You will learn how to begin, lead and finish a phone conversation with a German-speaking client. You will learn how to explain different policies in a nice and effective way. You will learn how to calm down angry customers and how to find a solution for their problem. You will learn how to avoid boring and stiff sentences on the phone and how to sound not like a robot. All in all, you will learn how to manage phone calls in a friendly and professional way with focus on the main goal in Customer Service what we call a “first call resolution”.

Email training

There are many factors on how to make and keep customers happy by means of emails. The German customers expect basically 3 things from you: 1. Transparency, in other words, you write in a clear and understandable way, 2. Politeness, in other words, you write in a nice and friendly way, you listen to the wishes of the customer and use empathy and 3. A solution, in other words, you find a way to solve his or her problem in a short time. You will learn how to bring these three elements together in one email.